Help Outdoor Cats Survive Winter

We receive many calls from Good Samaritans who have discovered a poor hungry cat taking refuge around their home and they want to help it.  We encourage you to contact us for information on how to carefully and humanely capture these cats and bring them inside for safety, not to mention keeping them from becoming pregnant or spreading their love.  But if you cannot keep the stray cat(s) inside your home, please think about helping them stay warm and safe in your garage, in a shed/barn, or in an outside cat shelter. 

Building an inexpensive outdoor cat shelter can help them survive the cold and wet of winter, and help give you more time to place them in a new home or rescue.  

Here are a few articles on DIY outdoor cat shelters:

These are just a few ideas to get you started...if you search on Google and YouTube, you'll find even more ideas to help you help the forgotten fuzzies!  Plus always feel free to reach out to us for advice - we have a wealth of information and experience that we'd love to offer you!