Donation Information

We can use all the help we can get; even the smallest donation is a joy to receive. 

The below list is just some of what we can always use here at Fuzzbucket Farm. If you'd like to donate items, or provide funds for us to purchase these items from our wish list, please mail them to:

Fuzzbucket Farm Cat Rescue & Sanctuary
P.O. Box 87
Jamestown, OH 45335

If you work for a pharmaceutical company or vet medical office that might be able to provide cat friendly medications or other medical supplies, please contact us.


Remember, we are a nonprofit so we are a tax exemption and are perfectly happy to give you a receipt for tax purposes. 

Donate while you shop:
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Or, shop from AmazonSmile  (this link will take you to AmazonSmile and you'll need to set up Wishful Thinking Endeavors as your charity; then, when you shop, you automatically donate a little bit of each purchase to us)

Additionally, you can also shop our Amazon Wishlist (these are items that you can choose to purchase as a donation for us, and they will deliver right to our door)


Fuzzbucket Farm Wish List:

  • Cash – we, like everyone else, can always use more of this!
  • Cat food – dry or soft, sample bags to the big 40 lbs bags. We use the following lines for our elderly sanctuary cats & the newcomer kittens, though we use whatever we can find for the feral colonies we also tend to.
    • Any dry cat food will be appreciated, but we have a tendency to use:
    • The Good Life Recipe
    • Annamaet (from - grain/soy/corn/antibiotic/hormone free)
    • Royal Canin SO – soft & dry                        
    • Royal Canin KD - soft & dry
    • Royal Canin Renal LP                                   
    • Royal Canin Recovery RS - soft & dry
    • Science Diet adult hair ball formula              
    • Science Diet senior hair ball formula
    • Iams Kitten food        
    • Proplan Smartblend kitten food                                   
    • Artistocat’s soft Food (Krogers)
    • Friskies soft food (Walmart)
    • Fancy Feast soft food (Walmart)
  • Greenie Pill Pockets – great for hiding pills instead of losing your hand!
  • Whisker Lickin’s – spurs many kitty purrs and twirls
  • Blankets/sheets/quilts/throws/pillowcases/mattress toppers/etc – clean and in good condition, please
  • Towels – in good condition and clean, please
  • Foam mattress toppers - purrrfect for making flat cushions
  • Small dog beds – anything from a Chihuahua to a Standard Schnauzer sized bed; unused please
  • Cat litter – Paws Claws (clumping clay) and Pine horse bedding (both can be found at Tractor Supply or Rural King).
  • Litter pans –Covered litter pans please! It is amazing how messy these critters can get.
  • Litter scoops – training the cats to clean their own litter boxes hasn’t worked yet!  =)
  • Kitty toys – please no ribbons, feathers, or bells; We have boogie eaters!
  • Volunteers – these critters always need love and attention.
  • Liquid dish soap – Dawn please!
  • 13 gallon trash bags – nothing flimsy please; it’s never fun to have to pick up spilled poopie-pucks!
  • Paper towels – good for those strategically placed hairballs
  • Gift cards to WalMart, Big Lots, Meijers, PetSmart, Lowes or Home Depot. Gas cards are also welcome because there are so many trips to the vet each year!
  • Mailing stamps – always needed
  • Grooming tools – tools for short to medium to long-haired fuzzies
  • New or gently used cat trees, cat toys, cat condos, cat beds, scratching posts – these are always a hit
  • Multi-purpose printing paper – so we can keep printing adoption info and pretty flyers
  • Cards with cats on them so we can send out thank you notes to fuzzy supporters
  • Dog kennels – we found that Meijers has the best price at $74.99, but let us know if you find something better. We get the New World Pet Journey or Champion wire dog kennel, sized 42”L x 28”W  x 30”H