Sponsorship Information


If you cannot adopt, would you be interested in sponsoring one of our kitties?  Basically as a Sponsor, you choose a kitty to support each month with a donation.  This donation amount is put towards their food, litter and supplies, any vet care needed, etc.  You can also donate to an anonymous kitty and let us disperse the donation where it is most needed. 

Remember, we are a nonprofit so we are a tax exemption and are perfectly happy to give you a receipt for tax purposes.

If you'd like to sponsor any of our adoptable cats or one of our sanctuary kitties, please fill out the Sponsorship form after you browse our photo galleries.

Sponsorship Form  (will have a pdf soon)

You are more than welcome to mail a check, send money orders or gift cards, or set up a direct deposit into our account, your choice.  

If you choose to send us something in the mail, please use the below address:

Fuzzbucket Farm Cat Rescue & Sanctuary
P.O. Box 87
Jamestown, OH 45335

If you would like to set up a direct deposit so you don't have to remember to send the donation each month through the mail, please email us and we can help you set that up.